November 2020

Monthly Meeting

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December 2020

Monthly Meeting

Factors that Influence Brain Development in Children. Presented by Dr. Husmillo

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January 2021

Monthly Meeting

January 2021 Meeting - Through High School and Beyond Career & Technical Training (Think College credit in High School for Finance/Marketing/Architecture/More). Presented by BPS Hallie Synder

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February 2021

Monthly Meeting

February 2021 Meeting - Police Interaction at School - Tameka Spruce

Topic: Police De-Escalation Strategies for Different Learners with a focus on students of color.

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March 2021

Monthly Meeting

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Life Planning for a Child with Special Needs.

Planning for a family member with Special Needs is complex
and challenging. It requires in-depth knowledge of local
resources, laws, legal and financial tools available as you plan
for the well-being and financial security of your loved one.
Planning for a child with special needs should begin as early
as possible.

Speakers, Minoti Rajput, CFP®, ChSNC®, Elinor Ho, ChFC®,
CPWA®, ChSNC®, and Mehul Mistry, CFP® ChSNC® of
Secure Planning Strategies will explain the importance of
Special Needs planning strategies and will address questions
for both planning and key components of the ABLE and
Secure Acts.

Pre-assessment: Click HERE

Handouts in zip file, including slides for notetaking: Click HERE

Post-assessment: Click HERE

April 2021

Monthly Meeting

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ADHD & Executive Function: Practical Strategies to help with learning at home.


Does your student complete work but forget to turn it in? Does she frequently misplace her coat, backpack, clarinet …? Does he forget to brush his teeth even though you just asked him? Do you need to give constant reminders for anything to get done? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, this presentation on Executive Function will give you answers and resources to help you help your student. 


Birmingham Public School’s own Specialized Instruction Supervisor, Renee Ruiz, will be presenting on practical strategies to help our students at home.

Upcoming Meetings

  • April 8th - Executive Function - BPS SISS Renee Ruiz

  • May 6th - Key Topics on Literacy ~ BrainSpring.

  • June 3rd - Friends 21/22 School Year Planning Meeting

Friends of Different Learners

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